Biblical resources

Biblical resources

I was asked to provide a post that lists what people use for biblical helps all in one place.  I will start and anyone is welcome to add to the list.

I love e-sword It is a mostly free program that you can download onto your computer and it has tons of resources and bibles and helps.

I also love scripture4all You can download the program or check the scriptures right on-line.  It is great for checking the Greek or Hebrew parsing.

Blue letter bible is also helpful although I rarely use it any longer since I have the helps already on my computer.

If anyone has already put their links in the comments area on other posts, please consider putting them in the comment section here so we can keep all of the resource links in one place.  Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Biblical resources

  1. How have you found the scripture4all site to be the most helpful?  What sort of things has it helped with?  Maybe I need to learn just what parsing is LOL.

  2. Keer,

    The parsing is all the fine points of grammar.  For example look at In Genesis 1:29 you can see God saying “I have given you every herb bearing seed…”  If you look at the you in green which is the literal translation, you will see a little (p).  This means the you is plural so God was talking to both Adam and Eve here telling them both what they could eat.  In this New testament passage you can check out 1 Timothy 2:15 to see that the word childbearing is a noun.  It is also singular not plural so child not children.

    This “little” things have been very helpful for me in rightly dividing the word of truth.

    I hope that helps!

  3. LW,

    Thanks for bringing the Mac up.  I never thought of the Mac since I don’t use one. If anyone knows of Mac biblical resources, please post them here.

  4. I am living in the parish in England where this is what’s preached It’s hard because I feel so called into ordained ministry. Could you post this up on your site so that it can be commented upon and critiqued.  After all it has to have been interpreted differently for the Church of England to have decided to ordain women in 1994. For example, I do not understand how the vicar can say that biblical submission is to put yourself under someone’s authority – I thought it had more to do with putting their needs ahead of your own. The vicar talks of Christ and beauty of his submission but surely that was in sacrificing himself for us –  atoning for us, dying for us – there’s the beauty!

    If you want to post it on your site so that people can respond to it that would be great or if you could recommend someone else who would be able to offer an critique of this sermon.

    Thanks so much.

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