Taking a break

Taking a break

I will be taking a break for some rest and relaxation for the next two weeks. If I find myself near a computer I may post some articles if I find the time and motivation 🙂

I am also at the stage of fixing some minor glitches on the Trinity DVD #1 and this means that so far I have been able to keep on track with the scheduled completion of the 2 DVD series in September. I am pleased with the work so far and between the 2 different trains of thought on the DVDs, I think there will be a lot of material that will help people not only to get a handle on what the Trinity is and what it isn’t, but also to give people ammunition to refute the hierarchy movement that has downgraded Jesus to the God who had to have permission to create the universe because he does not have ultimate authority. Stay tuned for more information later.

14 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. Rest well Cheryl, you deserve a break.  Many of us look forward to the DVD series on the trinity and what scripture says and does not say about it.  That can wait, you rest and take your ease for awhile.

  2. Cheryl, you do deserve a break and I hope it is a blessed one!  I can’t wait to see your new series, when it is finally available. 

  3. the hierarchy movement that has downgraded Jesus to the God who had to have permission to create the universe because he does not have ultimate authority.

    Great description! 🙂

  4. Cheryl,

    You will continue in our prayers as you continue to work on this vitally important project.   (Vitally important to me and my corner of the world, that is!)

    Enjoy the rest!

  5. I do not know about anyone else but I am noticing a trend when I listen to sermons or read articles from many well known Theologians and pastors on the internet: They mention Jesus less and less. I hear lots of references to God but fewer to Jesus. This is a great concern of mine.

    I am looking forward to your DVD. It is sorely needed.

  6. He also says in that sermon that all references to “saved” in the NT are eternal salvation, so I Timothy 2:15 are some kind of proof that women who are saved (generally) through their submissive act of childbirth.

    And I was only joking when I said that a few weeks ago on another thread!  (That they would replace Eph 3:8-9 and Jn 3:16 with I Tim 2:15 for women only.)

  7. There are 2 ways to interpret 1 Tim 2:15 in some strange way to be saved and in the normal way.  I interpret it in the normal way and think Paul is using Ephesian terms in a Christian way to show it can be done.  That is, the childbearing refers to Jesus being savior, the definite article is there in the Greek and for me indicates a special childbearring, the most special one ever.

    That is, he just kicked out 2 teachers, which would rock them and perhaps lead them to stay WELL AWAY from what they taught, even going too far in the other direction.  Imagine this happening today, a missionary church planter finds out what is going on and kicks out 2 leaders of a local church. 

  8. Don,

    Thanks very much for your support on Denny’s blog and thanks to Ruud for pointing it out.

  9. You are welcome, I am glad to be a man speaking for Biblical equality.  In one forum some even wondered if I might actually be “Dawn” masquerading as a man, I took it as a supreme compliment.

  10. Sorry to change the subject…..

    but has anyone ever heard of the prophetic ministry of Clint Glenny of Word of Grace echurch ministries.  Has supposedly been ministering to leaders around the world for 25 years.

  11. I know a few of you are reading and commenting on this very long comment thread about Bruce Ware’s recenct teaching here:http://www.dennyburk.com/?p=2162#comment-39315

    I want to make an observation about the comments. It has been enlightening to see the egals mostly as the ones not only quoting scripture but including Greek and Hebrew, different translations, etc. They are the deep diggers into the word. Whereas, most of the comps are quoting CBMW or other mere humans! That should tell us something very important.

    It has struck me again and again how this whole issue is so man centered and NOT Christ centered.

  12. Well as many of you know, I am BACK! It was a good break away but not too restful.  I am feeling quite overwhelmed at all the emails I have to answer and posts that have been pointed out to me to look at on other blogs so I may take a bit to give an answer to those who posted here.  Thanks for your patience!

    Tiro #12
    I am not familiar with that particular ministry at all.

    The Denny Burk post was one of the longest I have ever read. I am surprised that he has given free reign to those who are egalitarians without seeming to restrict what they said.  Interesting!

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