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Month: December 2019

Are Women Pastors Shameful?

Are Women Pastors Shameful?

Are women pastors shameful? Answering John MacArthur

Culture of Shame

Why is there a culture of shame on the head of women who preach the gospel? Faulty teaching is currently harming women and dividing many churches, and that is so sad. The divisive views on women must be answered in a sound and respectful way and I hope that this post will help. One source of the faulty teaching is a brother in Christ who labels women preaching the gospel as shameful women pastors.

This post has been moved to my new new blog location. You can hop on over to and find the complete article there. I am responding to John MacArthur telling women pastors to “Go home” and his referring to women who preach the gospel as shameful women. The above link is my response to John MacArthur’s sermon where he gives his view of 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 and shameful women’s voices.

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