Another Christian organization in Canada has charity status removed

Another Christian organization in Canada has charity status removed

The following article was sent to me this morning by Mabel, a follower of this blog.  The pastor of the church that had its charity status removed in Canada also contacted our ministry as we went through the same kind of persecution from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) regarding their disallowing as “charitable” the work of ministering Jesus to the cults.  They allow people to preach Jesus in their own congregations, but if one is persuasively bringing Jesus to those who are lost in the world of the cults, the government of Canada see this as an “uncharitable” work and will actively move to withdraw one’s charitable status. The consequences of the removal of charitable status means that all ministry money and equipment must be given away or the government taxes it at 100% rate. It was a very difficult time for us as we had to purchase back our own equipment and stock just to continue in ministry. Our ministry is now based out of the USA as a charitable organization.  It is a very sad time when Christian ministries face restrictions when Christians speak up about the things that God intends to make us salt and light to this world.  There is no doubt to me that the time is short and we must continue to live our Christian lives fearlessly speaking the truth with love no matter what the cost.

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Calgary Church Loses Charity Status: Opposition to Abortion, Homosexuality Cited as Reasons


By Patrick B. Craine

CALGARY, Alberta, January 21, 2010 ( – The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has revoked the charitable status of Kings Glory Fellowship (KGF), a Christian church in Calgary.  CRA cites a number of issues with KGF’s application, but the decision is based, in part, on the ground that certain KGF Board members have spoken out strongly against abortion, and other moral issues.

“The members of the Board of Directors espouse strong negative views about sensitive and controversial issues, which may also be viewed as political, such as abortion, homosexuality, divorce, etc.,” wrote CRA agent Dian Prodanov in an October 29th letter.

These “political” views make the church ineligible because, according to the agent, a registered charity “may only engage in non-partisan political activities as long as it devotes substantially all (usually 90% or more) of its resources to charitable activities.”

KGF’s pastor, Artur Pawlowski, is also the founder and pastor of Street Church Ministries, which has made headlines because of its battle with the city of Calgary to uphold its right to preach to and serve the city’s poor.

In December, a provincial court judge sided with Pawlowski and SCM, striking down several city infractions against them.  Further, the judge found that “the City’s attempts … to limit the scope of the efforts by the accused to minister to his congregants, fall precariously close to being excessive and, to any reasonable observer, an abuse of power.”

Prodanov cited numerous problems with KGF’s application, such as a lack of detail about various expenditures, but Pawlowski called these other reasons “smoke screens.”

“The main point is that they don’t like my opinions about different controversial issues, and I speak about them openly on radio, in paper, and on TV,” he said.  “So that’s what happens when you express your views as a pastor.”

“If they take the charity status away from a church, they are hoping that they are going to starve us to death in Canada, and therefore we will not be able to influence anyone,” he continued.  “That’s basically what happens.  That’s what they want to accomplish.  They want to muzzle us up.”

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