Audio talk now available online

Audio talk now available online

On October 20, 2006 I gave a talk on the women’s issue at a convention of ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses. The talk was roughly based on questions that I had received from a Pastor who had watched my DVD “Women in Ministry Silenced or Set Free?” He had asked me some questions that were not covered by the hard passages on women from WIM. In my talk I answer the challenges against women teaching the bible to men that the Watchtower makes as well as the challenges from some Christian pastors. You can download the audio file at Jehovah’s Women on Trial mp3 file or play a streaming version at Jehovah’s Women on Trial mp3 streaming version.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this sermon, keep up the good work, people are being set free.

    I would like to comment on the Questions and Answers session, in particular the question on the second witness of the law of Moses.

    The 10 Commandments (or words) was given on two tablets of stone, it is very probable that each tablet contained all of the 10 Commandments, like two copies. Thus providing the second witness.
    Read an excellent article speaking on that topic called “The unity of the law” by R.K. McGregor in Proclamation issue 4, July August 2005. Available here as a PDF file:

  2. Thank you Martin for the encouragement. Your take on the 10 Commandments being on two tablets of stone each containing the 10 Commandments is certainly a possibility.

    After my talk I was approached by a Pastor in the audience who did not get into the discussion time at the end because we ran out of time and he gave me his take on the two or three witnesses and the ten commandments. He said that there are actually four witnesses that God gave regarding the decalogue:

    1. God spoke the ten commandments to Israel
    2. God wrote the ten commandments on stone
    3. God re-wrote the ten commandments on stone after Moses broke the original tablets
    4. Moses was also a witness as he met God on the mountain and confirmed that God had given these commandments.

    No matter where you go, there are always two or three witnesses and God is certainly consistent.


  3. That was truly powerful teaching – I can’t help but think this is one deserves to be aired as well.
    (About the two witnesses and the Law – one more: our conscience is also a witness.)

  4. “SAM”,
    Thank you! When I did the “two witnesses research”, I looked for what the Jews would accept as witnesses. I do think that our own conscience can be a powerful witness too but it can be fooled. I paid close attention to the witnesses that Jesus used because his example is a great example to us and the Talmud also has example of what is legally accepted as witnesses. The bottom line is that a case without a second witness is no case at all. I have challenged many complementarians to show me just one law where there is a charge of sin that doesn’t have a second witness. I have had a few who took me up on this challenge and gave it a jolly good try but no one, and I mean not even one was able to find even one sin in scripture that isn’t repeated. This is a very powerful argument against the charge of women sinning by teaching the truth of God’s word for the benefit of men. We need to rethink these man-made traditions.

  5. You are correct about the conscience – I should have realized that as I have felt false guilt before myself due to tradition and twisted Scriptures.

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