Dealing with Abuse by Dr. Barb Orlowski

Dealing with Abuse by Dr. Barb Orlowski

Dealing with Abuse

For those of you who are experiencing church abuse or know of someone who has experienced abuse from a church leader, Dr. Barb Orlowski has her book online at for only a little while longer.  Barb is now working on the final stages of publishing her dissertation and so anyone interested in her research and work on ministering restoration to those who have been hurt by churches, or abusive and authoritarian leaders may want to view her material now before her book is removed from the internet.

Chapter 1 is called “What’s going on?

Chapter 2 is called “What do others say?

Chapter 3 is called “What does the Bible say?

Chapter 4 is called “What does the research say?

Chapter 5 is called “What can we do about it?

There is also an appendix 2 subtitled “What I have learned

With all the shaking up that is going on in the church today, many are experiencing an unprecedented amount of abusive behavior by church leadership.  If you are experiencing hurt, confusion and a loss of trust know that you are not alone.  Dr. Orlowski’s web site and book may help you go through a healing process.  The healing doesn’t happen overnight but it is very good to know that what you are experiencing is not unique and the help that you can get from others can go a long way to “recovering spiritual harmony”.

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  1. I’m interested in the numbers of occurances that leaders are abusive to those in their care. I will venture to guess and say that it is often, and I will venture to say that, abuse in homes occurs even more often. And I have to wonder why this kind of thing is going on or how it has managed to become a part of what it means to “go to” church? Where have the majority of the real leaders been?

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