The Trinity DVD is done!

The Trinity DVD is done!

Well, it is finally done.

The Trinity: Eternity Past to Eternity Future
The Trinity: Eternity Past to Eternity Future

The Trinity Eternity Past to Eternity Future, Explaining Truth & Exposing Error   © 2008 MM Outreach Inc

The 2 DVD set with 3 sections dealing with the doctrine of the Trinity, the biblical support for the equality of the Word of God in eternity past, and the biblical position on the authority of Jesus Christ and eternity future, does not mention the women’s issue at all, but the teaching of hierarchists that use the subordination of Jesus to justify the subordination of women is soundly dealt with.

Our new DVD will be on its way to the duplicators in just a couple of days.  Official release date should be by mid October at the latest.  There are some loose ends that need to be cleaned up on Monday and I do need to view it one more time to make sure that all is in place as the computer version shows, but my long hours of hard work have come to an end.

Can we say yippee yay?

Also for those of you who have supported MM Outreach in the transition to a US based corporation, will now be able to get a tax receipt for your donations as we are now officially a non-profit organization.

Can we say, wow isn’t the Lord good?

So many good things happening and we continue to marvel at the blessings that the Lord Jesus has given us!

13 thoughts on “The Trinity DVD is done!

  1. Congratulations Cheryl
    God bless and may you now feel as though you can ‘rest’ – in all senses of the word, even if it’s only for a little while. May His spirit then refresh you again for your ministry,
    love Rachel at Re vis.e Re form

  2. Congrats Cheryl.  An appropriate musical footnote would probably be the C-major finale of Beethoven’s 5th symphony.

    We truly have much to be thankful for, especially the freedom to study and make up our own minds about questions of religion.

    There are those who would dearly love to revoke this freedom, and I thank my God we have a government (USA) that restrains them.

  3. Thanks guys!  I do value that sense of freedom that God still allows us to proclaim his word!

    Don, Lorri has written the blurb on the back cover, if that is what you are looking for.  It says:

    The term “The Trinity”, the word used to describe the Triune God of the Bible, has been with us since the earliest days of the Church.  Within the nature of the one true God, we can identify three Persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  The three Persons are the one God.  This is a difficult concept for our finite minds, endeavoring to understand the infinite God.

    Much error has arisen from earliest times, usually dealing with the dual nature of Jesus Christ.  He is fully God, yet for a short period of time, fully man.  Also, some describe the Holy Spirit as just an energy force.  In our day, once again we find some teachers questioning the concept of the Trinity, especially concerning Jesus’ authority.  What is the truth?

    Lorri MacGregor has three decades of experience teaching on this vital subject.  She shares her journey out of a Trinity-denying religion, into her search through the Bible for the real truth about God.  Using the Bible alone, you can follow with her to see the Scripture’s revealing of the Triune God.

    Cheryl Schatz, an apologist and teacher, answers some of the modern criticisms concerning Jesus Christ.  Hear the voices of the teachers who have deviated from the faith to present Jesus as a lesser authority than the Father.  Then hear Cheryl’s clear response from the scriptures, setting matters straight.

    MM Outreach Inc is honored to present this critical Bible teaching on the nature of the one, true God, the Trinity.

    2 DVDs in three parts 43, 48, 51 min each.  Perfect for classroom viewing.

    The DVDs are broken up into three parts.  Lorri’s is DVD #1 and it follows the story of her own journey into truth.  DVD #2 is two parts and is my teaching on eternity past and eternity future, dealing with the key points that hierarchists use to “prove” that Jesus has a lesser authority than the Father before the incarnation and into eternity future.  I use audio clips of Bruce Ware and Dennis Burk that give the view of a hierarchy in the Trinity and then I use the Bible to show where they have missed the clear scriptures in context that refute their view.

    I hope this helps!

  4. I offered to give Bruce Ware a copy but he wasn’t interested.  I think it was his “God have mercy on your soul” comment from his previous email that made him not interested.  He does know that his views are being refuted in the DVD.  I haven’t offered it to Burk.  He isn’t a big part of the DVD except for his views on Philippians 2, on his teaching that Jesus was not equal with the Father and that the Son did not go after equality but went after incarnation instead.

  5. Thanks Lin!  This project was a major work for me.  Lots of stress and lots of distractions but by God’s grace, I made my goal.  And my husband says I did a really good job.  He is the really picky one so that is praise that I do not take lightly.

  6. Congratulations dear sister in the Lord! I know this was another project that took a toll on you but that will be instrumental in exposing the errors being taught about the Trinity. I can’t wait to get my copy.
    Blessings from your home town 🙂

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