A couple of interesting links

A couple of interesting links

Well, I am off for a weekend of rest at the lake.  In the meantime you may want to check out a couple of interesting links.

The first link is from Chuck on The Christian and authority.  Good thoughts that have some obvious ramifications regarding the women’s issue.

The other is a blog post by Ben Witherington where I have been fighting for the inspiration of scripture and scripture to be taken as it was written.  I have posted my reasoning regarding why Isaiah 7:14 is a prophesy regarding Jesus alone and not a prophesy fulfilled in the days of Ahaz.  For those of you who are passionate about the inspiration of scripture as I am (I hold to inspired words and inspired grammar) you will find the comments interesting here.

Keep the comments coming and I’ll save my responses for when I get back.

5 thoughts on “A couple of interesting links

  1. Thanks for the post by Ben W. I read him as part of my studies and consider him a faithful teacher.

    Thanks for the other post, authority is an often misunderstood concept and it can result in abuse if someone does not realize that someone can act outside of their God-given authority.

  2. I didn’t read through all the comments of the second article you linked to, but there were at least two major problems I saw that Mr. W. was promoting: preterism and a dim view of the LXX.

    You may be interested in This Article which deals with criticisms of the LXX. I think Mr. W. has oversimplified the issues and ignored important evidence in his assertion that the LXX is unreliable.

    As for preterism, that too has been thoroughly debunked IMHO, and I recommend This Article and also This One” which covers both Preterism and hermeneutics.

  3. Don,
    “someone can act outside of their God-given authority”

    That was a great way of summing up my long essay into a short pithy sentence! I’ll have to remember that one.

    Thanks for the link. I’d had these ideas on authority in my head for a long time, and finally tried to get them out. I didn’t realize at the time that the guy whose question I was answering was really into male headship and such. No wonder he never responded to the post!

    God bless you,

  4. Cheryl,

    Excellent interaction with Dr. W and others on his blog. I’m working on a second masters in biblical languages/textual criticism student and I think you’ve done a great job interacting with these folks. I appreciate your stand on the inspiration of the text and agree with your position.

  5. Chuck,

    You are welcome!


    This is one thing that I am very passionate for – holding to the scriptures as completely inspired the way they are written with their inspired words and inspired grammar. This is the one thing that has helped me the most to find answers to things that others haven’t because I pay attention to the inspired words that others disregard. I figure that if God inspired the words, they must be there for a reason. From there, I just look hard for the reason. Thank you for standing with me!


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