We are in our new home

We are in our new home

We are mostly moved into our new home and much of our time has been spent in unpacking boxes. Our living room now feels like home since six book cases of my research and bible study books have been unpacked.

Books in new home

Now that we are starting to find space on the floor to walk, I am trying to find time to work on a new blog article regarding the latest audio files from the complementarian camp. I was saddened to hear how they are continuing to become more militant as the time goes by. It is now claimed that those who do not accept a patriarchal view are guilty of dismissing the gospel. This is one of the main reasons why this blog exists – to show that those who accept an egalitarian view regarding women who use their God-given gifts for the entire body of Christ, can view the Bible as God’s inspired word and God breathed. It is imperative that we give a basis for our belief in a reasonable and respectful way. The body of Christ is hurt when those who hold to a restrictive view of women use this non-essential issue as a way to build barriers and even “rip apart” other sheep, doing much damage to the very ones whom Jesus commanded them to love. Christians on both sides of this debate should remember that we are brothers and sisters in Christ. Yes, it is essential to expose error, but godly Christians should be able to interact and dialog in a loving way without attacking one another by making this non-essential issue into an essential doctrine by accusing the other side of denying the gospel.

Keep watch for my new article. I plan to include audio clips so you can hear the material for yourself.

2 thoughts on “We are in our new home

  1. Cheryl

    Amen to the above!

    The more i study the issue of Women in ministry the more i have become aware of the importance of the ‘attitude’ behind (whatever) the teaching (is).

    Many of the verses used to restrict women from ministry (eg 1 tim 2:11-15) are challenging and their meaning is widely debated. What IS perfectly clear and ‘non debatable’ is Christ’s command to show ‘selfless’ love to one another in the body and treat our neighbours as we would want to be treated. As soon as I read anything from any ‘teacher’ that does not fully embody these explicit and blatently clear commands – ie they exhibit an attitude of arrogance or their teaching smacks of judgment and belittling of others the warning bells go off big time for me. My heart really breaks over the division that this issue causes in the church, but mostly over the bitterness and anger that some let it cause in their own spirits.

    I continue to appreciate the humble and loving attitude in which you share your beliefs Cheryl. Don’t let others who refuse to show you the same courtesy pull you down to their ‘level’.

    watching and waiting for more….!


  2. Great that your move is going forward, I pray that you will be very glad of your new place.

    And now I almost can’t wait to view your next article and hear the audio clips.

    Have a nice day,
    Your brother in Christ,

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