We're moving!

We're moving!

After five years of planning, my husband and I are moving our home and ministry office 10 hours away to join Keith and Lorri MacGregor our ministry partners. There have been some challenges these last few years working together with such a long distance between us. We look forward to producing many more DVD’s and feature length movies together with the MacGregor’s as our goal is to educate the church on the cults and aberrant movements within the church. I do have plans for another series on the women’s issue expanding it to include the relevant scriptures on marriage and how that affects women in ministry.

I also plan on keeping up with this blog although if I am off line for a period of time, it’s not that I don’t have anything to say, just that the move is such a massive one for us. We are having to do some major downsizing and to save money, we are doing the move ourselves so it’s a lot of work! Between packing, moving and unpacking we have a conference on apologetics in Alabama to attend. Exciting times, but also very, very busy.

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  1. I send an e-mail to LivingWater Ministries (Ray Comfort) to promote WIM 4 disc set. I was very Friendly and Nice and Loving. Just sharing our view on this issue and they should check it out! (Smile)

    Many Blessings, Michael

  2. Hey thanks Michael! Not sure you will have much luck, though as they are an organization committed to the complementarian view. Their radio host Todd Friel is very aggressively complementarian, but I do really like Ray Comfort and he is much more soft spoken.

  3. Thanks for the 411 Cheryl, I showed disc 3 to my friend Bonnie and she loved it, this is great teaching! What I have notice is these ministries and churches that promote there opposing view don’t put it at the forefront! In there church memebership statment they unsually have it buried near the end of it’s many pages! It’s almost like they safe that bomb for the end LOL. On Harvest Church Memebership Statement the beginning (Page 1) is set up this way GOD, Jesus, Holy Spirit etc
    Notice they put the word GOD but not FATHER. They never tell you there view on the FATHER.No mention of Jesus being “Eternally under the Father” yet thats the view that church promotes! Why hide there view if they think there so right. It’s almost like they want memebership…numbers instead of being up front on their issues. I’m starting to see this alot when it comes to this issue on the Trinity and Women. CBMW is up front on their view on there website BUT when they are Trying to bring/get people into there churches they don’t talk about these issues up front! Do you notice this cheryl or anyone reading this?

    How is the Trinity DVD going? May the New Year Bring Many Blessings!

  4. Michael,
    I am glad that your friend Bonnie enjoyed the DVD.

    The Trinity DVD is still in the research stage. From there it will be written and then edited into a script. It is a fairly long process. WIM took me two full years. I am expecting this one to be complete by Fall or perhaps sooner if all goes well. It requires us to take time away from other ministry and it isn’t always easy to carve out the time and isolate ourselves from everything else in order to immerse ourselves in the project. It is also a project we don’t want to rush, because we want to get it right the first time so that we have a product that will be very visual and helpful for many to come to a fuller understanding of the Trinity and where the errors lie in aberrant views.

    Happy New Year to all the readers here on this blog!

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