Freeing sisters in the Southern Baptist Convention

Freeing sisters in the Southern Baptist Convention

Wade Burleson has a great new post on women called “Are The Sisters Free to Function?” It is an article written by Jon Zens. It is long….22 pages printed out, but Jon brings up some good points and the hot discussion following his article might be interesting for you to follow. I appreciate Wade a lot with his courage to take on a tough subject amongst Southern Baptists. You will notice that many of the men and even at least one woman posting responses are very much against women teaching the bible to men.

I am up to my ears in paint as we are getting our home ready for sale and our final move to our new ministry location. If I don’t have a new post that I have time to work on, I will point you to other blogs and information that will help you. Please pray for us that our home will be sold quickly and that our preparations for its sale will go fast. Our hearts are really in full time ministry, not Mr. and Mrs. fix-it, paint-it, and clean-it of 34 years of memorabilia.

2 thoughts on “Freeing sisters in the Southern Baptist Convention

  1. How about we free the sisters FROM the SBC?

    I have met some wonderful people in the SBC. Many of them have been forced to leave by the relentless drive to fundamentalism undertaken by the leadership of the SBC and the gradual erosion of freedom of conscience that they have enforced.

  2. Given that historic (original) Baptists held to soul liberty, this recent idea is a loss of an historic Baptist principle.

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