Scriptures Showing Women in the Ministry are Missing

Scriptures Showing Women in the Ministry are Missing

Q: Why did you not list in WIM all the scriptures that show women properly leading and serving God in both the New Testament and the Old Testament?

A: This DVD set is specifically about the hard passages of scripture that seem to restrict women from ministering to the entire body of Christ. Although listing all the scriptures that show women’s ability and calling to minister wherever God calls them is important, these scriptures alone do not adequately explain what appears to be a roadblock to women’s ministry – namely the hard passages of scripture. WIM deals with all the hard passages in a way that makes them understandable and allows the scriptures to be read without contradiction.

One thought on “Scriptures Showing Women in the Ministry are Missing

  1. I think that you may have been able to list some of these verses just to show that there were women elders, prophets and others in positions of leadership. I think the additional support would have added more weight to your arguments in certain areas. I don’t think it would have been necessary to go into detail on these scriptures in the video, however you certainly could add a brief synopsys of the women in leadership from scripture in your study guide as an appendix.

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